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Theatre Policy Trailers

 A series of five character animated vignettes that creatively address "Smoking", "Trash", "Concessions", "Gift Certificates", and "Talking." Character voices and catchy music are used to present personal real life situations that will inform and hold your audience's attention. Any of these segments can be ordered separately or combined to form a traditional "policy trailer."

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This opening segment begins with an animated cutain revealing the theatre audience. Then, magical animation brings on the opening title. This title can be customized with your special copy and/or theatre logo.

No Smoking
Featuring a grandfather who treats his grandson to a movie and is embarrased because he forgets about his smoking habit. Voices: "Grandpa! No Smoking!" "Oh, that's right"

Starring a newleywed couple where the husband is caught throwing a candy wrapper on the floor. Voices: "This is wonderful! Our first movie together as husband and wife." "Umhum." "I hope you're not going to throw that on the floor. I don't want to spend the rest of my life picking up after you." "No!, I'll throw it in the trash!" "Aww ..."

Four young moviegoers decide that the only way to overcome their hunger is to go out to the lobby and get themselves a treat. Voices: "Hey, is anyone hungry?" "Yeah... Uhuh!..." "Well then..." "Let's all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat!"

Gift Certificates
A middle-aged couple is discussing what to buy a relative for his birthday and the husband has found the perfect gift. Voices: "What are we going to get your brother for his birthday? He's got everything." "I just got it! Gift Certificates!" "Now that's a great idea!"

No Talking
Here two teenagers are conversing about a boy they know and then have to be reminded that the movie has just begun. Voices: "I mean like, Bobbie is to die for, you know ..." "I know! I mean like ..." "Hey! No talking in the theatre!"

This segment looks out into the theatre audience and the title "And Now Our Feature Presentation" fades in with music. The title here can be customized with your special copy and/or theatre logo.

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